Poster List

Name Author Affiliation
A steerable needle prototype for the TIPS procedure Tonke de Jong TU Delft
Characterization of mechanical properties of thin non-flat membranes - a novel bulge test based methodology Olaf van der Sluis TU Eindhoven
Custom-fit 3-D printed needle applicators for gynaecological brachytherapy

Nick van de Berg TU Delft
Ultra-stretchable interconnects for high-density stretchable electronics applications Salman Shafqat TU Eindhoven
Label-free interaction-triggered cell binding assay in autonomous microfluidic system for blood typing Péter Fürjes HAS Centre for Energy Research
Smart catheter revolution: System approaches to miniaturization will enable big improvements in diagnostics and therapy Chris Hyde Analog Devices
A B-spline-Kalman framework for catheter shape estimation using tracked ultrasound imaging Raja S Bandaru Erasmus MC
A Wireless Sensor for Monitoring Encapsulation Performance in Non-hermetic Implants Kambiz Nanbakhsh TU Delft
Silicon based microfluidic device with integrated electrodes for the assessment of cellular stiffness Shinnosuke Kawasaki TU Delft
Microneedle-based ECG Monitoring - Part 2: A Wearable System Andrea Bocchino Tyndall
Design, Evaluation, and Future Applications of a Multi-Steerable Catheter for Cardiac Interventions Awaz Ali TU Delft
Fabrication and transfer method of PDMS porous membranes for Organ-on-Chips William Fausto Quiros-Solano TU Delft
Printing on thermoplastic polyurethane substrates: solutions for next generation wearables Ronald Stoute Holst/TNO