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About the Conference

Scope and core information

About the Conference

Microfabricated devices are increasingly moving towards the front-end of medical equipment and instruments. In these systems they are the interface between the human body - or more generally, living cells and tissues - and the machine and as such they determine to a large extent the quality of the total system. They play an increasingly important role in all phases of the continuum of care and their application will result in improved medical care and reduced healthcare cost. For that reason microfabrication for medical devices is the main theme of the 2017 DMD Europe conference.

Innovations in microfabricated medical devices face a long way from the concept phase to implementation in real products. Many great ideas end up in “the valley of death” for reasons often related to the fact that they are medical products. In two large European projects, INCITE and InForMed, funded by the European joint undertaking ECSEL, more than 50 European partners from 12 countries have united to bridge this "valley of death" by coming to open platform technologies and pilot manufacturing infrastructures. In this DMD conference they will disseminate their project results. There will be demonstrations, and the opportunity to visit the Philips Innovation Services microfabrication pilot line, that is open to third party users. Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your product ideas with microfabrication experts from all over Europe.

Apart from these special sessions, speakers are invited to submit a one page abstract covering the following topics:

  • Organ on Chip
  • Electroceuticals / Bioelectronics
  • Clinical Robotics
  • Smart catheter for cardiovascular interventions
  • Handheld diagnostics
  • Smart body patches
  • In-body / minimally invasive instrument tracking
  • The MEMS Ultra-sound revolution
  • Computer aided planning & navigation
  • Bridging the “valley of Death” with open pilot lines and platforms
The abstract will be reviewed after submission and on acceptance published in a collection of abstracts.

Important dates

Abstract submission deadline has been extended until October 2, 2017.

Event Deadline
Abstract submission

2 October 2017

15 September 2017
Notification 6 October 2017
Early-bird registration 15 October 2017

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The “Electronic Components and Systems for European Leadership” (ECSEL) is a Joint Undertaking established in June 2014 by the European Union Council Regulation No 561/2014. It is a public-private partnership that will engage from 2014 to 2020 up to 1.17 billion euro funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, combining it with a commensurate amount of national/regional funding and participants’ own contributions to leverage about 5 billion euro Research and Innovation investments in nanoelectronics, embedded and cyber-physical systems, and system integration technologies. The R&D actors are represented by the associations AENEAS, ARTEMIS-IA and EPoSS.